Sunday, June 13, 2010

Enjoy being gross

Stupid weather.

Welp. Retail therapy. Got some fancy new glasses and cardigans. New shoes too.

So..yea. I am the best. Better than the best. Make no mistakes.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I want to try a bagel with lox:

Well.. I've been trying to clean up the house as best I can. It's really gross! And Nachito has just been destroying my sweater. hahaha.. Ah well. He's alright sometimes..

At any rate.. I found out it will cost approximately $250 to get new glasses.. the ones I want anyhow. This weekend I think will be spent doing that.

I have been seeing a lot of crazy animals around the house lately. Eduardo has been hanging out a lot. Also...this random Turkey who was on my car the other day..and then sitting under the cherry tree to avoid being rained on. I felt bad for the guy.. He runs away at the site of me though.

I've watched a lot of Futurama in the last few days. It sort of keeps me at bay. It's familiar. Chulita has been there too. She's really great. She never leaves my side. She's been my personal space heater every night too. It's been surprisingly cold.

So cold in fact, that I wore my new scarf yesterday! I truly dress like an old man. As exemplified:

Ehh..not much to really post about. I've thought a lot, come to terms, etc etc.

My sister graduates soon. I was just approved for the day off. I have to decided on a present.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

You know me. I know you.

It's Sunday morning. No sleep, yet again. At least not a lot of sleep.

Yesterday was a very long day. But we accomplished plenty. In fact we are almost done. Now it's time to start refilling my place. Sweeeeee

At any rate, Calvin & Hobbes brings me much joy.

It hasn't been the best couple months.

Alicia graduates soon. I'm very proud. Have to get her a cool gift she will enjoy.

I need new glasses. Big time. I want to do some quick glasses shopping today after OT hours are done. Hopefully I will have time. I dunno.

Candy got me thinking about changing some color in my hair yesterday. This is a thought which has not crossed my mind in YEARS. We'll see.

I've been getting bugged a lot recently by a few people who I wish would understand that I prefer not to be bugged by them anymore!

On the other hand, I want tattoos really bad. All over. I need my throat, stomach, back, legs. I don't look cool enough. These guys know what's up.

Also..I must lose weight. Must bike more. Must make up for all the pizza parties, egg roll parties, meatball parties, tacoon parties, NACHOS FELICIDADES.

I am a lion.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tell me how to tell myself:

Wooh! What's up?

Gaaaaahd. I don't even know what to type about. I don't want to riddle this blog with sadness. Sadness makes it worse!

I've been blogging more on IAM. Sorry. I don't mean to leave you all in the dark.

Let's see. Number 1 major thing is Candy has moved out. She found a great little spot in Lowell. It's actually not little. It's real cute in fact. We've been moving her stuff over there.

Blunstable house has been getting progressively more devoid of all the wonderful stuff. Just as well, I suppose.

I desire tattoos. I found a great picture on Clayton Addison's IAM feed of him and his g/f. Just a self portrait he took, burned the tattoos in the picture though and it was just really inspiring. You should see it. Makes me feel nekid.

For anyone who was not aware..I separated my AC joint in a bicycle accident last month. Finally the arm is free. Still hurts a great deal! Shit yea! But I do have a cool bike. Single speed for now. Gotta get used to pedaling one gear before fixed madness!

I hung out with Alexis Bledel the other day. That was pretty cool.

OH SHIT! I got my face tattooed. See?!

K, bai!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


God I'm an idiot.